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By the grace of G-d                                                      בסיעתא דשמיא


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Two kinds of products are sold here:
Artwork & Fonts. See the 
Artwork & Fonts section of this web site. To go there, simply click on those words, Artwork & Fonts.

Artwork is stunning. The Fonts are high end and professional.

After you have reviewed various pieces of 
Artwork & Fonts, please go to the Buy It Now! section of the web site. To go there, simply click on the words, Buy It Now!.There you will be able to make your purchases very easily through PayPal.

In sub-section of Welcome, there are three categories:
a) About,
b) Clients, and
c) Contact.

About tells you briefly about the people behind this web site.

Clients relates some of agencies and people that we have done business.

And Contact provides you with accurate contact information, so you can get in touch with us.

The first menu choice is called: Welcome (it's where you are now). It has three sub-sections, as mentioned earlier.



The second menu choice is called: Artwork & Fonts. This is a portfolio showing many examples of artwork and fonts available for sales at this web site.


The third menu choice is called: Be My Guest. This is a guestbook that you can add your name, and a comment about how you found us.

The fourth menu choice is called: Buy It Now! This is a where you puchase items, explained in detail in otheras of this web site.

fifth menu choice is called: Join Our Club. Here you can register, and become a member of our club. It is password protected. You store information concerning your address, so you need not retype it every time that you purchase a product.

The sixth menu choice is called: Let's Discuss. Here you can discuss any topic, and comment on an existing topic.

The seventh menu choice is called: My Two Cents. This is my (Rabbi Israel Seldowitz) personal blog on various topics, and you can comment on any existing topic.



The eighth menu choice is called: Schneersohn Talmud. This section of the web site explains in detail every facet of the historical Schneersohn Talmud Project, and a comprehensive overview the encyclopedic Talmud - 
in its various sub-sections.